Local Geodiversity Sites

Local Geodiversity Sites are identified by GeoLancashire, they are the most important places for geology and geomorphology outside statutorily protected land such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). They are important as an educational, historical and recreational resource. The designation of LGS is one way of recognising and protecting important Earth science and landscape features for future generations to enjoy.

Information on how Local Geodiversity Sites are selected is on GeoLancashire's site.

Protecting Local Geodiversity Sites

Local Geodiversity Sites do not have the same protection in law as Sites of Special Scientific Interest. However, they are afforded protection through their inclusion in the development plan system for Lancashire .

Detailed survey records of all local geodiversity sites are held by GeoLancashire on a database. Copies of these are available through the Secretary on payment of an administration fee.

LERN holds a copy of the local geodiversity sites register and maintains the digital site boundaries on behalf of GeoLancashire. We provide basic information on LGS to site owners and managers, local authorities, consultants, conservation bodies and members of the public. We refer all detailed enquires about LGS to GeoLancashire.