Beginner's guide

What would you do if you saw an unusual flower in a meadow where you walk the dog or you saw a Kingfisher for the first time on your local river?

You would tell somebody about it.

So why not tell everyone about it? So other people can share what you have seen and your record will go towards protecting the biodiversity of Lancashire.

You do not need specialist knowledge to be able to make useful records. If you are not confident of your identification, please let us know, as we may be able to provide assistance or contact a local expert to help. There are websites that can help with identification such as the Open University's iSpot.

Another good way to begin is to join a local group. There are many local groups in Lancashire, some cover certain areas of the county and others specialise in particular groups of wildlife. All their members are enthusiastic about nature and they will welcome you if you have the same love of the environment.

Some of these groups are listed on our Links page but a search on the internet may provide you with details of others.