Telecare services

Telecare uses technology such as personal alarm button pendants, wristbands and wireless home sensors and detectors, to help you or a loved one feel safe and maintain independence at home.

The personal alarm and sensors are monitored by Progress Lifeline's dedicated 24/7 Lancashire response centre. When a personal alarm or sensor is activated, an operator will assess the situation and alert a nominated contact or emergency services.

You must be a Lancashire resident to receive our telecare service.

You do not need to be receiving any health or social care help to use telecare.

Telecare charges

From April 2023 charges for telecare will apply. There are three different service levels to choose from.

If you are a current telecare user, you will have received a letter informing you of these charges. If you have not received a letter or need an alternative format, email or telephone on 0300 123 6720.

Levels of service

Prices apply from 3 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

Level one - Monitoring service (£4 per week)

You must nominate two people who live nearby to have a set of keys for your home. When you activate the alarm, our telecare service provider will notify your 'keyholders' and, if necessary, the appropriate emergency service.

Level two - Responder service (£5.50 per week)

A set of your keys will be kept in a key safe outside your home. When you activate your alarm, a member of staff from our telecare service provider (or the emergency services, if necessary) will enter your home to check on you, using the keys from the key safe to gain entry.

Level three - Premium service (£9 per week)

Includes the level 2 service plus either a weekly face-to-face welfare visit, or two weekly telephone calls from a member of staff from our telecare service provider. 

The visit or phone call will normally last for 10 minutes. The caller will check that you are well and talk about how you feel.

Features of the telecare service

For all levels of telecare service:

  • charges will be the same no matter how many pieces of equipment are installed
  • you can choose a new service level, that includes one 10-minute wellbeing visit or two telephone calls each week
  • telecare will be charged at a flat weekly rate per household
  • charges will remain the same no matter how often you trigger your alarm
  • all telecare equipment will remain the property of Lancashire County Council
  • any costs for maintenance, exchange and repair of equipment will be covered by the charge
  • the county council will continue to subsidise the telecare service
  • charges will be reviewed annually

If you choose to use the service, we will send you an invoice every four weeks. Your first invoice will give you the option to set up a direct debit payment through your bank. 

You can choose to cancel or restart telecare at any time.

Who might benefit from telecare

Telecare can help anyone over the age of 18 to live safely and independently including those at the risk of:

  • Falls
  • Wandering or leaving their home unsecured
  • Seizures, blackouts, or other unusual activity such as getting up frequently through the night
  • Forgetting to take medication

Telecare can alert the response centre if there is risk in your property of:

  • Flooding
  • Excessive smoke, gas leaks, or extreme temperature

How to get telecare

Contact us on 0300 123 6720.

To arrange telecare yourself, contact Progress Lifeline on 03333 204 999.

Financial assistance

All telecare service users will receive a bill for the telecare service which will be separate from an invoice for their adult care services.

Telecare is not a means tested service, so is not subject to a financial assessment. However, where a person is paying for telecare, they can request that the cost is offset against their financial assessment. This is known as a disability related expense and more information can be found here in financial implications for non residential care.

Alternatively, you may be eligible for benefits or allowances that could be used to pay for the service. Please visit the Government's website to check the benefits and financial support you could get.