Telecare services

We work with accredited provider Progress Lifeline, our preferred supplier of technology and remote monitoring services to help people live safely and independently in Lancashire.


Telecare uses technology such as personal alarm button pendants, wristbands and wireless home sensors and detectors, to help you or a loved one feel safe and maintain independence at home.

The personal alarm and sensors are continuously monitored by Progress Lifeline’s dedicated 24/7 response centre based in Lancashire. When a personal alarm or sensor is activated, an operator will assess the situation and alert a nominated contact or emergency services.

Progress Lifeline also offers an emergency home responder and lifting service which provides a physical response direct to your home.

Who telecare can support

Telecare can help anyone over the age of 18 to live safely and independently including those at the risk of:

  • Falls
  • Wandering or leaving their home unsecured
  • Seizures, blackouts or other unusual activity such as getting up frequently through the night
  • Forgetting to take medication

Telecare can alert the response centre if there is risk in your property of:

  • Flooding
  • Excessive smoke, extreme temperature or gas leaks

How telecare works

Progress Lifeline offers four standard packages and the detail is available on their website. These can be fully customised depending on your individual needs.

Paying for telecare

Lancashire County Council may fund the provision of telecare free of charge following an eligibility assessment. More information on how to arrange an assessment and our eligibility criteria.

If you wish to arrange telecare yourself, or you are not eligible following an assessment, you can contact Progress Lifeline or call 01772 678910 or you can search for an alternative telecare service provider through the Telecare Services Association.