Bowgreave Rise

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Bowgreave Rise

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Your home

Bowgreave Rise is a purpose built two storey home for older people located in Garstang, which is an ancient market town set on the banks of the River Wyre.

Bowgreave Rise is one of 16 care homes managed by Lancashire County Council, and offers quality safe comfortable care and support for up to 32 people across three homely separate areas.

We offer friendly, compassionate, person centred support to people with dementia who choose to live at Bowgreave Rise.

We provide a range of facilities including nicely furnished lounges and dining areas with kitchen spaces. People who choose Bowgreave Rise as their home are welcome to personalise their bedrooms to their own taste with comfy furniture, television’s or belongings that will make their room feel like home.

There are ample bathrooms, showers and toilet facilities.

The accredited dining experience at Bowgreave Rise offers fresh, locally sourced ingredients expertly prepared to produce a wide choice of delicious meals. Alternative options are always available.

Drinks and snacks are accessible for people who live in the home and their visitors to enjoy throughout the day. Sample menus are available if you would like to view them.

On sunny days Bowgreave Rise has extensive garden areas with flower beds and seating for everyone to enjoy the fresh air .Those wanting to go a little further can go for a lovely walk along the canal, or visit the nearby town centre. When the weather is not so fine we have a small lounges in which to relax in or enjoy various activities.

People who live at Bowgreave Rise said:

“It is nice and the staff are nice too.”

“I love it here and people are nice too.”

“Everybody is friendly and nice.”

“It’s warming and I am well fed.”

Your life

Our dedicated team of staff will help and support you to enjoy living at Bowgreave Rise.

We offer a variety of activities and social opportunities to enhance your wellbeing, including the popular Oomph sessions run by the home’s activity care assistant and staff team.

You can take a look at our monthly activity calendar for up and coming events.

Your family and friends are always welcome at Bowgreave Rise.

We have strong links with the local community to help you to stay connected. We spend lovely mornings with children from the local schools. Religious ministers also visit regularly.

A hairdresser, optician and chiropodist are also available for people who live at Bowgreave rise.

We also arrange trips out to local shows and events such as the Garstang show, Scarecrow and Ice Cream festivals, and Blackpool Illuminations.

Everyone at Bowgreave Rise is included in marking celebrations such as Christmas, Birthdays and Halloween. Fun themed activities and social events take place and everyone is welcome.

Your way

Whether it is support to maintain your skills and hobbies or trying new experiences, our well trained staff team will work with you and your families to offer the support you would like to have.

Our focus is offering you person-centred quality care. You will have your own key worker and together we will create a support plan to make sure we provide the best and most appropriate care to meet your requirements.

Our care staff at Bowgreave Rise are fully trained in supporting people to maintain their independence.

For new enquiries and information about fees, please call us on: 01995 603637

If you would like to find out more, feel free to contact us and make arrangements for a chat.