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Latest news (August 2017)

Recent works

Work on several sections of the cycleway has been completed in the first half of 2017:

Valley of Stone Section 6, Waterfoot  -   New 3m wide surfaced path completed from the entrance to the tunnels to Rakehead Lane, Brandwood, near Waterfoot.  This section of the route was previously impassable for much of the year due to the poor ground conditions and the works mean that a 0.4km section can now be used by pedestrians and cyclist in all weathers.

Valley of Stone Section 14, Whitworth - Resurfacing work has taken place of a section of highway 250m in length on Cowm Park Way, Whitworth that the cycleway runs along.   The surface of this road was previously in poor condition and in need of improvement.

National Cycle Route 6 Section 12, Helmshore - A new zebra crossing has been installed at Helmshore Road to provide a safer crossing for users of the cycleway and also people using the park at Snig Hole.  Since the crossing has been completed a reduction in traffic speeds has been recorded.

National Cycle Route 6 Section 13, Helmshore – Work to improve the surface of the access road and path between Helmshore Road and Holme Vale & the River Ogden was also completed in May.   The access road had a poor, uneven surface and drainage issues which have been improved, along with widening and resurfacing of a path towards the river.

Upcoming works

It is hoped that work will recommence on Valley of Stone Section 6 between Rakehead Lane and Blackwood Road, Stacksteads and Valley of Stone Section 11, Britannia Greenway in the autumn.  It is intended that flexible paving surfacing will be used on both of these sections.

Further work will also take place on Valley of Stone Section 5, at the tunnels near Waterfoot over the next few months.  This will include clearance of vegetation on the rock face between the two tunnels and works to repair the river wall damaged by the floods of 2015 and installation of a new bridge crossing the river.

The website will be updated regularly with details of completed and upcoming works.

Previous update (Dec 16)

Work has taken place on several sections of the cycleway in the summer and autumn of 2016 including: 

  • Valley of Stone Section 6 – Tunnels to Rakehead Lane, Brandwood – Drainage works including widening the ditch in preparation for surfacing.
  • Valley of Stone Section 11 – Britannia Greenway, Britannia – Drainage works including ditch widening and removal of pipe bridge in preparation for resurfacing.
  • Valley of Stone Sections 12 & 13 - Shawforth & Facit - Clearance of vegetation and debris from existing track, new entrance features and resurfacing of Springside Road, Facit.
  • National Cycle Route 6 Section 11 - Bridge End Close, Helmshore – Rebuilding and resurfacing of collapsed section of path, clearance of vegetation and debris from the route and installation of new fencing.

Work will start in December 2016 on Valley of Stone Section 6 from Rakehead Lane down to the Newchurch tunnels.   Further drainage improvements will take place before a tarmac surfaced path is built just over 400 metres long.   This section will have a single tarmac surface as it is not proposed to allow horses to use the tunnels for health and safety reasons and there is already a suitable, alternative higher level route available for horse riders. 

Early in 2017 it is proposed to carry out the final surfacing of Valley of Stone Section 6 at Brandwood and install a new zebra crossing at Helmshore Road, Helmshore - Section 12 of National Cycle Route 6.   Further information on these works will be made available on the website when start dates have been confirmed.