Lancashire Central development site at Cuerden

Cuerden development site

A planning application has been submitted for our major site in Central Lancashire, with a focus on high-quality employment uses.

There is potential for around 2,400 jobs during the construction phases, and up to 5,600 full time jobs once operational, across a wider range of positions including higher skilled jobs.

The county council and our development partner Maple Grove Developments (part of the Eric Wright Group), have prepared proposals for the Lancashire Central site at Cuerden, which represent a new and updated vision for this key strategic employment site.

The site aims to deliver significant economic and employment benefits for the people of Lancashire.

The proposals include:

  • The delivery of new employment floor space on a key strategic development site with direct access to the motorway network, providing opportunities for existing businesses to grow and flourish, and to attract new business to the area
  • Provision for other commercial uses could also be included, to support the wider employment function of the area
  • The provision of up to 116 additional homes, contributing to the supply of new homes and providing a significant boost to the local economy through increased expenditure in the local area
  • Significant investment in infrastructure, including highways and, pedestrian/cycle routes
  • Environmental infrastructure, which also supports the health and wellbeing agenda including planting and green space, ponds and open drainage features

A multi-million pound investment in this site is essential to Lancashire’s emerging long-term strategy, Lancashire 2050, and will support the county’s post Covid-19 recovery and the Government’s Levelling Up agenda.

The planning application has been submitted to the county council, due to the our ownership of the application site and Regulations 3 and 4 of the Town and Country Planning (General Regulations) 1992.

Outline planning permission is requested for all elements, except access points and a proportion of core green infrastructure, which will be in detail.

Detailed development proposals for each plot will then follow through a series of separate applications for ‘reserved matters’

Find out more information about the Lancashire Central proposals.