Combined County Authority

In November 2023, the Government announced it would be willing to enter into a devolution deal with Lancashire County Council, Blackburn with Darwen Council and Blackpool Council.   

Each council then formally considered the draft proposal and unanimously voted to go ahead with a consultation.   

The devolution proposal is subject to the outcome of this consultation, and still needs to be formally agreed by central government.   

If given final approved, the deal will transfer new money and powers from central government to a newly created Combined County Authority allowing it to tackle key local priorities. 

The deal would not require a change to the established democratic structures across the county or the need for an elected Mayor. 

It would not mean a rise in Council Tax. In fact there is no option to add the cost of the CCA onto bills.  

The deal will build on the work already taking place around the Lancashire 2050 framework.Initiated by Lancashire’s 15 councils, but involving everyone with a stake in our county’s success, Lancashire 2050 sets out the areas where we can work together to help our county thrive, seizing opportunities that are bigger than any one institution. 

The final deal would require local consent with the full agreement of the three constituent councils as well as Parliamentary approval. 

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