Local Member Grants Scheme

6. What happens next

You will receive a letter informing you of the county councillor's decision.

If the funding has been awarded to you, you need to allow three to four weeks after receiving the email for the payment to be made into your group's bank account. When you receive this email, you can make the purchases you planned to make with the funds awarded.

You can use your group's own funds while you're waiting for the money to be paid. Any receipts must be dated after the date of the councillor's decision, as set out in their letter.

Please keep the receipts. Our monitoring team will ask you to provide these and a copy of your group's bank statement showing the award being paid in and the money being spent.

If the cost is less than anticipated or you don't spend the money because of a cancellation for example, please contact the grants team. Don't spend the money without contacting us first as you may need to return the funds.

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