Local Member Grants Scheme

5. How to apply for a grant

Please ensure you read the Guidance on completing the application form below, before applying for a grant. 

Guidance on completing the application form

You will need to submit an application form and supporting documents to prove your group meets the criteria so that county councillors can make their decision.

You can either print off the form and fill it in and return as a paper copy or you can fill it in on your computer and email it back.

Note if you are emailing it back, you don’t need to scan in your signature, you can just type in your name.

Because we need two signatures, we would ask that both people named send us a separate email confirming they are happy to sign up to the application.

If you don't have all the documentation, you may still be able to apply. Please read the guidance notes below and contact the grants team if you need to discuss anything further.

1. Your details

Please fill in your details, or the details of the person in your organisation who we should deal with.

2. Proof of your organisation's status 

You need to provide us with a document that demonstrates that this application is on behalf of an organised group. You should have a set of rules (it may be called something like "Terms of reference" or "Articles of Association"). If you don’t think you have anything like that, please speak to us, as there may be other ways to demonstrate that you are a legitimate organised group.

You also need to provide us with a copy of a bank statement. This helps verify the name of the group and the sort code and account number. If you don’t want us to see your groups' income and expenditure, that's fine – please cover them up. We only want to see the name and sort code / account number.

It is fine to send us scanned or electronic versions of both these documents.

3. Bank Account details

Please provide the bank account details for your group. It must not be a personal account. You should take care to ensure that the sort code and account number match the copy of the statement you have sent us.

4. Amount 

Simply enter the total amount of the grant you are applying for.

5. Which councillors / division 

In this section, you should write the name of the councillor(s) for the Division(s) that the grant will be used in. If you are not sure which division your group is in, please find your councillor here.

You can apply to more than one councillor, as long as the project / expenditure benefits people in every division you apply to.

Please include the name of the councillors and how much you want from each one. You can add in extra rows if you want.

The total amount must not exceed £2500.

6. Purpose of the grant 

A brief description of what you want the grant for. The rules set out in this guidance document explain what is and isn’t allowed.

7. Benefits 

Please briefly explain how the grant will help local people. Think about how it will help and also who it will help. For example, it might be a scheme that is just aimed at young people or residents of a particular estate. This helps the councillor to decide about each grant.

8. Breakdown of expenditure

Use this section to explain in more detail what you will be spending the money on. For example, if you are organising a community fun day, what elements exactly will this money be used for. If you are buying equipment, what equipment exactly will you be buying and how much will each bit cost. This helps us by showing that you have got a good plan for the money. 

9. Part funding

If you are not asking for the full amount for your project / activity etc, please say where the rest of the money is coming from. For example, if you are organising a day trip for older people, you might be asking for all those who want to go on the trip for a small contribution to the cost. Or you might have got funds from somewhere else.

This is absolutely fine – you can ask for whatever amount you like. This helps us understand if there appears to be a difference between what you're asking for from us and the total costs of your project or event.

You also need to think about what would happen if we give you the grant, but the other funding becomes unavailable for any reason. Will you need to cancel your project and send us back the money? Or will you need to scale it back and only do the things that you have the money for? As long as you have told us here what your plan would be, it’s fine.

You are not allowed to just change what you use the grant for if you don’t have the funding, but if you have set out a reasonable "Plan B" here, then it would be fine.

10. Part-award

The councillor might not be able to award you the full amount you ask for. Please use this space to say what you would do if you don’t get the full amount. If you need the full amount and anything less would not be helpful, please say so in this section.

11. Working with vulnerable children and adults

If your application for funding is to support working directly with children or vulnerable adults, you MUST have appropriate Safeguarding Policies relating to children and/or vulnerable adults. You MUST also ensure that you are complying with the requirements of the Disclosure and Barring Service in relation to this, as well as ensuring that your staff and volunteers having undergone appropriate (standard or enhanced) checks with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) with appropriate Barred list checks were appropriate, in accordance with guidance, for all the individuals involved (both staff and volunteers). The only exception to this is where parents accompany their own children; please refer to our policy for working with children and vulnerable Adults.

We may ask you to provide copies of the relevant policies. If you do not have them or unable to show them to us, we may decline your application or ask you to pay back funding already given.

12. Signing the document

Make sure you have read and are happy with the legal notice. You can either print off your application, sign it and post it to us, or scan it and email it to us. You can also simply type your name in and email it back to us. Note that the two signatories would need to each send us a separate email confirming they are happy to sign the form.

13. Legal information 

The declaration you sign on your application form makes it clear that you are stating the truth in the form.  It contracts you to spend any grant money as you have said you would.  And it makes it clear that it is your responsibility as a group to ensure you have put in place any legal requirements to enable you to carry on the activity you are requesting funding for.

You need to be clear before submitting the application that:

  • your members are covered by insurance if necessary
  • if appropriate, you have Public Liability insurance in place
  • if you are working on land or property you do not own, you have the owner's permission to do so - and so on

If in doubt about any of these things, contact the team in the first instance and they will be able to advise as to who you should talk to.

Please note that the two people who sign the form, who are authorised to sign on your organisation's bank account, must not be related to each other (e.g., have the same surname).

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