Champion grants scheme

1. Overview

Each of our county council Champions is allocated a sum of £10,000 per annum for use at their discretion to finance their activities including:

  • Organising and attending meetings, seminars, conferences or other similar events;
  • The payment of a grant to outside bodies and organisations within the scope of their remit; and
  • Other incidental costs necessary to enable them to fulfil their roles.

Champions Grants can be used to fund projects that benefit the community and support a Champion's area of work. Organisations can apply for a grant from one of our Champions, and the councillor will decide how to award the money from their budget. The approval of expenditure to be incurred by a Champion has been delegated by the Leader of the Council to the Director of Law and Governance.

Any unspent balance up to a maximum of £2,500 can be carried over from one financial year to the next, giving each Champion a maximum annual budget of £12,500.

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