Additional highway funding to respond to severe weather damage

In March 2014 that the Department for Transport made £140m available to local highways authorities in England to repair damage caused to the local road network by the severe weather that occurred during the 2013/14 winter months. Of this funding Lancashire County Council received £2.279m which was used to support structural patching and surface dressing on our A, B and C road network.

This funding was in addition to the annual funding awarded to Lancashire County Council for local highway maintenance by the Department for Transport.

At the time the Transport Asset Management Plan (TAMP) was in development and would ensure that the benefit of highway funding is maximised by targeting resources at maintenance treatments that will deliver the best long term effects. 

Therefore in line with the proposed TAMP, which identifies the classified road (A, B and C), footway and cycle way networks as the main priorities in the short to medium term. The additional funding was therefore used to support a programme of work on our A, B and C network and focused on those areas which will benefit from structural patching and surface dressing. Structural patching removed potholes and other defects and prepared the road surface for surface dressing which gave the road an extended life reducing the occurrence of potholes for many years.