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We are committed to openness, probity and accountability. In line with this commitment we expect employees, and others that we deal with, who have serious concerns about any aspect of our work to come forward and voice those concerns.

We have a whistleblowing policy to make sure that employees, contractors working us on our premises, suppliers, those providing services under a contract with us in their own premises and councillors feel confident and are able to raise concerns and to question and act upon concerns

The concerns covered by the whistleblowing policy are:

  • conduct which is an offence or a breach of law,
  • failure to comply with a legal obligation,
  • disclosures related to miscarriages of justice,
  • health and safety risks, including risks to the public as well as other employees,
  • damage to the environment,
  • the unauthorised use of public funds,
  • possible fraud and corruption,
  • sexual,¬†physical or other abuse of clients,
  • other unethical conduct and
  • actions which are unprofessional, inappropriate or conflict with a general understanding of what is rights and wrong.