Specialist education equipment

We provide specialist equipment to schools and early years providers so pupils who have significant special educational needs can have better access to the curriculum.

Specialist equipment is the type of equipment which would not ordinarily be available. This will typically include items such as:

  • Specialist seating and standing equipment
  • Specialist communication aids
  • Toilet aids, hoists, slings, freestanding height adjustable changing tables
  • Sensory equipment such as radio aids or portable sound field systems and Perkins or electronic braillers or Braille notes

Laptops, notebooks, iPads and equivalent computers are not considered to be specialist equipment because these are now standard equipment in schools.

Before providing the requested specialist equipment, Lancashire County Council will usually discuss its use with health professionals, the headteacher, specialist teachers, class teachers, the special education needs coordinator (SENCO) and parents.

We will need to know the educational purpose of the equipment and whether it is essential for health and safety or to help the child access the curriculum. We will also consider whether existing equipment already at the school or setting could be shared, the cost of providing the equipment and the funding available.

If you think your child would benefit from specialist equipment at their school or early years setting speak to their class teacher or key worker. Other professionals working with your child may discuss with you how specialist equipment could help.