Recipe 4 Health - Membership criteria

1. General administration of the scheme

1.1 Lancashire County Council Trading Standards Service (Trading Standards) will manage the Recipe 4 Health scheme (R4H) and reserve the right to alter or amend the criteria of the scheme at its discretion. Any changes will be notified to award holders as soon as is reasonably practicable.
1.2 There is no membership fee for R4H.
1.3 The 'Essential Criteria' which must be met for each award level are clearly stated in the self-assessment application forms. The criteria are not intended to interpret, qualify, or replace any laws pertaining to the business.
1.4 Any 'out of home' catering business trading within the boundaries of Lancashire County Council is eligible to apply to join the scheme.
1.5 Applications to join the scheme should be made to Trading Standards who will be responsible for assessing the application. This administrative process may only be undertaken by an authorised administrator.
1.6 A register of R4H award holders will be maintained by Trading Standards Service on the County Council's website.
1.7 Any sticker, certificate and/or documentation provided to award holders will remain the property of Trading Standards and shall be returned to the Service on request or when membership of the scheme ceases.
1.8 If any of the promotional material is lost or defaced, you can obtain one free replacement by contacting Trading Standards. Further stickers or certificates can be purchased at a cost of £1.00 each from Trading Standards.

2. Refusal, revocation and suspension of membership

2.1 Trading Standards reserve the right to refuse, revoke or suspend membership upon receipt of information that a business does not satisfy the essential criteria, or casts doubt upon the suitability of any particular business to participate, until such time as a full investigation can be concluded. For example, if the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) score drops below the lowest required level of 3*, or the business is subject to an ongoing criminal investigation by Trading Standards or Environmental Health. If the member's FHRS score drops below the required level for a particular award but appropriate for a lower award, the business will be downgraded.
2.2 Membership will not be refused, revoked, or suspended without good reason, but if it is then Trading Standards will provide the business with a written explanation of the reason for its action.
2.3 Any business wishing to complain about a decision to refuse, revoke or suspend membership should do so by writing to the Head of Service, Lancashire County Council Trading Standards Service, 4th Floor, Lancashire Point, Preston, PR1 0LD. Full details of County Council's corporate complaints procedure can be obtained by visiting or contacting the Recipe 4 Health team.

3. Responsibilities of scheme members

3.1 Businesses must comply with all trading standards legislation and all civil law obligations relating to their business.
3.2 A change in ownership of a business must be immediately notified to Trading Standards so that a further assessment can be made against the essential criteria.
3.3 Businesses must notify Trading Standards of any convictions or current legal proceedings relating to matters which might cast doubt on their suitability for membership of the scheme.
3.4 Award holders will receive a certificate and window sticker which must be displayed in a prominent customer-facing position on the premises receiving the award. They must not be displayed on any other premises.
3.5 Award holders may use documentation and the logo relating to the scheme, in accordance with copyright regulations and relevant national advertising and display code of practice, in the following ways:
- on business documentation.
- on business premises.
- in other advertising media.
3.6 On ceasing membership of the scheme, all references to the scheme including references to membership, use of the logo, signs on business premises, business documentation and any form of advertising must be removed, obliterated, or otherwise negated immediately. Failure to do this could constitute an offence under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.
3.7 Businesses must not state or otherwise imply that they, or their activities, are “approved” by Trading Standards or by any partner agency, such as their local district council.
3.8 All staff should be trained, or be in the course of training, to the level of competence necessary for the efficient performance of the tasks regularly required of them. This should include their legal obligations and responsibilities.

4 Publicity

4.1 Trading Standards will maintain a register of award holders on the County Council's website and will promote the award holders across its social media platforms, which may include photographs of the premises or staff members, and/or images of the business branding.
4.2 Trading Standards will undertake various promotional activities throughout the year and will display R4H posters and leaflets in places of public interest across the Council area, in order to promote the scheme.
For further information about the scheme please contact the Recipe 4 Health team on 01772 532145 or email us on Alternatively, please see the information on the County Council's website -