Peer to Peer Lending

We have teamed up with Funding Circle to support the growth of local business.  

Funding Circle enables people to directly lend to creditworthy small businesses, sidestepping the banks. Small businesses can borrow up to £500,000, while investors receive high, stable returns for the long-term.

Funding Circle allows established and creditworthy businesses to borrow directly from people through their marketplace. We will review loan requests that fall into the Lancashire catchment area to determine which businesses are eligible for funding. We will then place bids to lend to all businesses that meet the criteria. Once the loan has been accepted, the business will go on to repay all investors on a monthly basis, including us.

Eligibility criteria

Funding Circle loans are available to strong, established businesses across all industry sectors. All businesses are credit assessed, and as minimum criteria, the business needs to be:

  • Established: with at least 2 years' filed accounts with Companies House
  • Creditworthy: a good credit history
  • Directors: UK resident with a good credit history
  • CCJs: No CCJs over £250

Businesses that fall within the eligible Lancashire catchment area will be reviewed by us for lending. If suitable, we will contribute to their loan while it is live on the Funding Circle marketplace.

Interested? Get in touch

To find out more about Funding Circle loans and how they work, visit or call their team on 0800 242 5090.