Secure email service

We have replaced our secure email service which is used to send sensitive information to external partners.

The secure email service is provided by a government accredited secure email provider. This enables us to protect your personal and sensitive data, and lets you respond and initiate safe correspondence with us. It's free to use when sending or replying to emails.

If you receive a secure email from us, it will have been sent via our provider.  Instead of seeing the content of the email, you will be given a link to view it online. 

If it is your first time receiving an encrypted email via this route, you will need to go through a quick and easy registration process. Once you are registered, any future emails will simply require you to enter your email address and password to view the email. The email will contain a link to support information in case you have any problems accessing the email.

If you are already registered with the provider you will be able to use your existing login details to communicate securely with us.

Any emails you have received prior to 25 November 2019, via our old Secure Web Mail portal, will only be available until Friday 10 January 2020. After that date you will need to contact the sender and ask them to resend any information that you still need as then it will appear in the new portal.