Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO's)

Permanent proposed Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO's).

(Various Roads, Wyre, Chorley, Hyndburn And Rossendale) (Revocation, One Way Traffic, Prohibition Of Driving Except For Access, Prohibition Of Left Turn Except Cycles, Width Restriction And Weight Restriction) Order 201*  LSG4/894.5420/HL1

(Various Roads, Chorley, Fylde, Hyndburn, Preston, Rossendale And South Ribble) (Revocations And Various Parking Restrictions) Order 201* LSG4\894.5316\HL1

(New Hall Hey Road, Rawtenstall, Rossendale Borough) (Revocation And Prohibition Of Waiting) Order 201* LSG4\894.5320\HL1

(Burnley Road, Bacup, Rossendale Borough)(Prohibition Of Right Turn) Order 201* LSG4\894.5369\HL1

(Barrett Street, Accrington, Hyndburn Borough) (Revocation) Order 201* LSG4/894.5315/AFR

(Ring Way, Preston, Preston City) (Prohibition of U-Turn) Order 201* LSG4/894.5199/AFR

 (Sir Frederick Page Way, Samlesbury, Ribble Valley and South Ribble Boroughs) (Prohibition of Stopping) Order 201* LSG4/894.5080/AFR 

(George's Road, Lune Street, Lune Street Link, Preston, Preston City) (Suspension, Prohibition Of Left Turn, Prohibition Of Right Turn And One Way Traffic) Experimental Order 2017 LSG4/894.5170/AFR

(Fleet Street, Fox Street, Lune Street, Lune Street Link, Preston, Preston City) (Suspension, Disabled Parking, Goods Vehicle Loading, Prohibition Of Waiting, Limited Waiting And Prohibition Of Loading) Experimental Order 2017 LSG4/894.5169/AFR

(Bay Gateway, Caton Road, Hadrian Road, Morecambe Road, Northgate, Lancaster, Lancaster City) (Revocation, Prohibition Of Stopping And Prohibition Of Waiting) Order 201* LSG4/894.4995/AFR

(Various Roads, Rossendale Borough) (Revocation and Introduction of Parking Places) Order 201* & (Parramatta Street and Queen Street, Rossendale Borough) (Amendment to Parking Provisions) Order 201* LSG4/894.4983/AFR

(Lancaster Road, Knott End on Sea, Wyre Borough)(Revocation) LSG4/894.4970/HL1

(Goose Lane, Catterall, Wyre Borough) (Prohibition of Driving) Order 201* - LSG4/894.4977/HL1

(Various Roads, Burnley, Fylde, Hyndburn, Preston, Rossendale, South Ribble and West Lancs Boroughs) (Revocations and Various Parking Restrictions (July/August No1)) Order 201* LSG4/894.4965/AFR

(Back Fazakerley Street, Cannon Street, Chapel Street, Cleveland Street, Fazakerley Street, High Street, New Market Street, Chorley, Chorley Borough) (One Way And Prohibition Of Driving Except Loading) Experimental Order 2017 LSG4/894.4814/AFR

(Back Fazakerley Street, Cannon Street, Chapel Street, Cleveland Street, Fazakerley Street, High Street, New Market Street, Water Street, Chorley, Chorley Borough) (Various Parking Restrictions) Experimental Order 2017 LSG4/894.4815/AFR

(Liverpool Old Road And Smithy Lane, Much Hoole, South Ribble Borough) (Prohibition Of Waiting) Order 201* LSG4/894.4812/AFR

(Mckenzie Street And Station Road, Bamber Bridge, South Ribble Borough) (Revocation, Prohibition Of Waiting And Restriction Of Waiting) Order 201* LSG4/894.4813/AFR

(Carlisle Street, Lancaster Road, Old Vicarage, Ormskirk Road, Tithebarn Street, Preston, Preston City) (Disabled Parking Place, Taxi Stand, Prohibition Of Waiting Prohibition Of Loading, Restriction Of Loading And Public Service Vehicle Stand) Experimental Order 2017 LSG4/894.4827/AFR 

(Various Roads, Chorley, Fylde, Pendle, Rossendale, South Ribble, West Lancashire And Wyre Boroughs) (Revocations And Various Parking Restrictions (June No1))Order 201* LSG4/894.4691/AFR

(Cannon Street And Cross Street, Preston, Preston City) (Goods Vehicle Loading Bay, Prohibition Of Waiting, Restriction Of Waiting, Limited Waiting, Prohibition Of Loading) Order 201* LSG4/894.4740/AFR  

(Various Roads, Burnley, Worthsthorne-with-Hurstwood and Padiham, Burnley Borough) (Revocations and Various Parking Restrictions, May (No. 1)) Order 201* LSG4/894.4456/AFR