Apply for a concessionary travel pass

You are eligible for a NoWcard Concessionary travel pass if your sole or principal residence is in Lancashire (including Blackpool and Blackburn with Darwen) and:

  • You are an older person (check NoWcard website for eligibility)
  • You:
    • are blind or partially sighted;
    • are profoundly or severely deaf;
    • are without speech;
    • have a long term disability or injury which seriously impairs the ability to walk;
    • are without the long term use of both arms;
    • have a significant degree of learning disability;
    • would be refused¬†a driving license on physical fitness grounds.

Each NoWcard has a small microchip, which holds details of your concessionary fare. The ticket machine on the local bus service will read the NoWcard, check its validity and ensure that you are charged as applicable.

The NoWcard will record each journey made on the bus services. This will enable the councils to pay the bus operators the correct amount for accepting the bus pass.

For more information, to apply or renew, visit the NoWcard website (external link).