Changes to your home care support

We have recommissioned all our home care services for older people; people with a physical disability; people with a learning disability and/or autism; and people with mental health needs as we are required to by law.

We are intending to award contracts to these home care providers. 

Recommissioning is where we plan and buy care and support services that people may need. This is to encourage free and open competition and value for money. We also want to help improve the quality, responsiveness and sustainability of the home care market across Lancashire. The new contracts will commence from November 2017. There will be a changeover stage where we transfer the people we support to the new arrangements.

If you or a friend or relative currently receives home care services from one of our providers then we want to reassure you there is no need to worry as nothing needs to change until next year. Your provider will continue to provide your home care services on behalf of Lancashire County Council until at least February 2018. We will work closely with your provider to minimise any disruption to you. If you already receive a direct payment these changes will not affect you at all.

For the time being, you do not need to take any action as your current provider can continue to provide home care on behalf of Lancashire County Council until at least February 2018. We will write to you during Autumn 2017 to ask you how you would like your home care to be managed in the future. Most people will be able to continue receiving home care from their current provider under their existing arrangements if they wish, as in many cases it is our intention to award a contract to their current provider in the place the person lives.

When we write to you, if your provider is not awarded a contract the options will include Lancashire County Council continuing to arrange your home care with an alternative provider or you can take a direct payment.

A direct payment is a cash payment, which Lancashire County Council may be able to offer you. You can use it to buy home care directly from the provider of your choice instead of Lancashire County Council arranging your home care on your behalf. You need to be aware that this means you will be responsible for managing your own home care. However, if you prefer, you can ask a family member or friend to manage the direct payment on your behalf.

If you, or a friend or relative, have any questions about the changes please phone our customer care team on 0300 123 6725, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.