SEND - Making decisions and getting your views heard

At times you might need help making choices about your life or speaking up for yourself. If you are struggling, you could ask your family, carer, a teacher or someone else you trust to help you.

If you need more help, advocacy services can put you in touch with a person called an advocate, who can:

  • help you speak up for yourself
  • speak on your behalf at meetings or appointments
  • talk to you about what choices and options you have
  • support you to make choices and have more control over your life
  • help you access services

For more information and advice

Advocacy focus - find out more about advocacy and get help to be heard.

POWAR - have your say about services for young people with special educational needs and disabilities in Lancashire.

Lancashire Autism Partnership Board - information on rights, independence, choices and inclusion for people with experience of autism throughout Lancashire.

Get your rights - About your rights when making choices about your healthcare.

PULSELancashire's Children and Young People's Health and Wellbeing Board - discussing issues that affect the health and wellbeing of young people.

The local offer – How to let us know if you have comments or feedback you want to give us on local offer.


If you need information, advice and support on:

  • Schools, college or training
  • Getting the right healthcare
  • Getting the right support at home, school or in the workplace

Contact the Information Advice and Support (IAS) Team on:

If you are approaching 18 years and undergoing an assessment to access support from adult services you can request an advocate from The Children’s Society in Lancashire.  You can ask your social worker or carer or contact the service on:

  • Freephone 0800 0856 324
  • Tel 01772 759 233

If you would like help with anything else, get in touch with us for confidential information, advice and support.