Leaving care

When you leave care we will continue to support you. The level of support we give you depends on your age, when you were in care and for how long.

We need to work out what your needs are so, when you are 16 years old (or when you come into care if this is later), we will do an assessment and work with you to create a plan that sets out how we will support you to live independently. This is called your pathway plan.

The sort of support your pathway plan may provide includes:

  • help registering with a doctor or applying for a course,
  • providing suitable accommodation,
  • money to help you get employment, training or education, and
  • financial support through university including a £3,500 bursary on successful completion of a degree.

You will have a personal adviser who will help you achieve what is in your plan and see you at least once every two months. We will review your plan regularly and keep in touch with you until you are at least 21.

At age 21 our support will continue if you are in education or training agreed in your pathway plan. If you are not in education or training, our support will end around your 21st birthday. However up to your 25th birthday you can now return to us to be assessed for support if you need it.

Rights and entitlements

The support you are entitled to depends on your legal status (based on your age, when you were in care and for how long). See the leaving care entitlements section to find out more about your legal status and what you're entitled to.

Higher education

If you are interested in going to university, come along to the next information event on Wednesday 24 October 2018 to find out more. 

Health and wellbeing

Some leisure centres offer free and subsidised memberships for care leavers age 16-25. Contact your personal adviser for more details.

More information

Check the Government's Care Leavers Charter to find out the principles we use when making decisions about your life.

Help and complaints

If you have any concerns about the support we provide for you, please raise them with your personal adviser or with their manager.

You may prefer to contact the Children's Rights Service on 0800 0856324. They can help you make sure you get what you are entitled to.