June 2021 consultation event and menti poll suggestions

In June the Leaving Care Service held a two day consultation event to get your views on a range of topics such as social media and how we communicate with you, what makes a good PA and access to records. You also gave us your views and suggestions about some sections of the local offer and how we can make it better for you.

One of your great suggestions was for more information videos and hopefully you've watched the 'you said, we will' video.

If you've not seen our video you can watch it here:

We'd love to hear your views on this, could you please post comments on Facebook or speak to your PA.

Thank you to everybody that took part in the two days and the menti poll, your voice truly matters in shaping a better service.

Read on for more views and suggestions from the consultation day and the menti poll.

Social media and how we communicate with you

You said

“We want more videos or a YouTube channel so information can be shared with us and videos that show us how to do things like DIY and Cooking“

"We use various forms of social media like Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and would be happy for the service to communicate with us using these“

"We like the idea of a Leaving Care App that could be used for getting in touch with PA, contributing to our Pathway Plans, calendar of events and how much setting up home allowance we have left"

We will

Increase the number of video messages on our existing Facebook pages.

We will need to do more consultation with a broader range of young people and in more depth-what you want and what order.

We will then look at next steps in Regards to an app.

Lancashire's Care Leaver Local Offer

Preparing for independence

You told us

"We want to be better prepared for living independently, we want to continue to learn things like budgeting and cooking even after we've left care"

"we need to know more about our responsibilities when we eventually leave care and talk to other care leavers about this"

"Lancashire County council is a big Council with lots of different departments. Are there people that could teach us things like DIY and how to manage money"

We will

We will review our Preparation for Independence with a view to develop a new Life Skills programme to support the continued development you will need to live independently.

We will talk to our internal and external partners and see what support they can offer with things like managing money and DIY.

For 2022 we will have a number of drop-ins that you can come to to meet other care experienced young adults and PA's so you can do things like cook a meal together and learn new skills.


You told us

" We want information about our housing options in the areas we want to live"

"We want easy to understand information about 'Priority' to housing"

We will

We are developing a Care Leaver Accommodation Protocol with our District Housing Partners. We will ensure that a young person friendly guide to your housing options and other important housing information is developed.

We will, through our Corporate Parenting Board look at a Corporate Parent commitment with Accommodation

Health and Wellbeing

You told us

"If we have a leisure centre pass could we take a friend?"

"We want better access to adult mental health services"

"Could the leaving care service do more fun activities to reduce feeling lonely and isolated"

We will

We will review the Leisure Centre pass and provision.

We will review how we work with mental health and substance misuse services in partnership to improve the service for you.

PA's will be trained in Trauma Informed practise.

Education, employment and training

You told us

"We want more support with preparing for the world of work"

"We want more varied opportunities to work in LCC or apprenticeship roles"

We will

We will talk to our Virtual school about what opportunities exist and what needs to be developed to increase your options for entering into EET

Access to records and how we write about you

You said

"We don't know how to apply to read our files“

"we don't want to receive our files on a CD, this is outdated, we need to know other ways we can receive them which makes it easier for us to read them“

"Make sure information that is recorded is correct and appropriate language is used“

We will ensure that all information about how you access your files is on the local offer

We will

We have started to review the process of how you access your records with the Access to Records team" We are sharing your views and opinions with the team to make some changes.

We have started to review the process of how you access your records with the Access to Records team" We are sharing your views and opinions with the team to make some changes so that accessing your files is easier.

We will ensure that all information about how you access your files is on the local offer

We will provide learning and Development to SW's and PA's on how to record information in your records that is more personable for you"

The measure of a good personal advisor

You told us:

Relationships are key

We will:

  • Ensure that our training offer for PAs includes knowledge and skills that support good relationships
  • We have developed an audit tool that has a much greater focus on your relationship with your PA
  • We have requested a data and information framework that tells us how often you're in contact with your PA and whether this is line with your needs
  • We have recruited 24(?) additional PAs to ensure they have more time to spend with you

You told us:

That you want your PA to have a good knowledge of other services and to be able to support you to access them

We will:

  • Develop working protocols with other services to ensure that your needs as care leavers are understood and the services you receive are effective
  • We are developing an executive group and have employed a senior officer into the role of Practice Development Lead to facilitate this group and ensure the correct agencies are present and are accountable for the services they receive
  • We are delivering training on Mental Health, Trauma informed practice, Housing and immigration to our PAs
  • We are updating the Local Offer

You told us:

You want your pathway plans to be up to date and meaningful

We will

  • The needs assessment template is being updated
  • We will ensure that all young people have a copy of their pathway plan
  • We will use existing data to ensure that plans are up to date
  • We have requested a data and information framework that will gain correlated data of life events and plan reviews
  • The PAs will be supported to develop their practice around planning