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This year, Blue Planet 2 motivated people to care about plastics in a way they never have before. The nation realised that recycling will help us solve some of our biggest environmental problems – pollution, climate change, and reducing ocean plastics.

We are a nation of recyclers and in Lancashire, we are pretty good at recycling. We recycle over 150,000 tonnes of waste every year. To help you visualise that…it's about the same weight as 1,500 Blue Whales. But, we could do even better…

50,000 tonnes of your recycling is still going in the wrong bin every year...

Some people are still putting some of their plastic bottles, cans, paper, card and glass into the waste bin. If we all put every single recyclable item in the recycling bin instead of the waste bin – we could save over 50,000 tonnes of waste from going to landfill every year. Which, is about the weight of another 500 Blue Whales.

Recycling earns...Landfill costs

Everything that goes in your rubbish bin has a cost to collect and dispose of it. Last year in Lancashire, we collected nearly 400,000 tonnes of waste from households and our household waste recycling centres (HWRCs).

The annual cost of landfilling Lancashire's household waste is £26 million

This figure is rising every year and if we continue producing waste at the rate we currently do, it is estimated it could cost the council closer to £40 million by 2025.

We could save £4 million every year just by putting the right things in the right recycling bin – this money could be spent on delivering vital services across Lancashire.

Animation – What recycling are YOU missing? Do the right thing and use the right bin!

Watch our short animation to find out how we can all make a difference to the environment by recycling a bit more.

Top tips to help you recycle more

You've probably got a recycling routine that works for you. You know it inside and out and there’s not one empty plastic milk bottle or food can in sight in the kitchen.

However...there are lots of items that people often forget to recycle from other rooms in the house including the bathroom, bedroom and the living room. 

Here are some simple steps to help us all recycle more across Lancashire:

  • Double check if anything you are going to throw in the rubbish bin can be recycled instead – either at home in your recycling bins/boxes or at your local recycling centre.
  • Rinse out empty food and drink containers before you recycle them.
  • Squash plastic bottles and flatten cardboard boxes so you can fit more in your recycling bin.
  • If its plastic and bottle shaped it can be recycled – don’t forget the shampoo, spray cleaner and bleach bottles from your bathroom.
  • It is not just newspapers that you can recycle – we want wrapping paper, envelopes, toilet roll tubes and toothpaste boxes.
  • It might help you to get a second bin or box in your kitchen and bathroom for collecting things to recycle from around the house, before you put them into your main recycling bin.
  • If you are still unsure what you can and can't recycle – keep reading…

Check out our A-Z of recycling for more tips

What goes in which recycling bin or box?

Each of the twelve district councils in Lancashire has different coloured bins/boxes/bags for collecting recycling and waste.

If you know which district council collects your bins – have a look on the relevant district council website below to remind you what you can put in each bin/bag/box or to find out which day your bins are collected.

If you are unsure which district council collects your bins you can enter your postcode and property number to find out here.

Find your district council

What can I put in my bins and boxes?

Blackburn with Darwen





South Ribble



West Lancashire





Ribble Valley


Bulky waste collections

Bulky waste is the term used for those items that won't fit into your general rubbish bin or that are too big for you to take to the waste recycling centres, for example furniture, cookers and fridges.

Your district council will offer a bulky waste collection service to remove items from your home. Please note that some district councils may charge for this service.

Arrange a bulky waste collection

What happens to your waste?

Ever wondered what happens to your rubbish after your recycling bins are collected or you drop something off at the recycling centre?

Your district council collects the waste and recycling from your home and takes it to a waste transfer station.

Lancashire County Council then transports it for further processing where it is either recycled, made into compost or even turned into electricity, or disposed of into landfill.

Find out what happens to your waste and recycling