Shared Lives
Shared Lives

Types of placement

There are different types of placement and opportunities for Shared Lives carers which may not always require you to be available Monday to Friday during the day, this will depend on the needs of the individual. You're welcome to call us for a chat to find out more about the role of a Shared Lives carer and the type of placement that would be most suitable for you.

What different types of placement are there?

  • Long term/permanent placements - a person will come to live in your home on a long-term basis. You will provide a spare bedroom so the person looked after can have their own room and private space.
  • Short term breaks - this can be anything from one night to a few weeks at a time. It may be a 'one-off' or planned on a regular basis
  • Kinship support - where you act as an extended family to someone living in their own home. The person may have lived with the Shared Lives carer and is now ready to move on to live independently but requires continued support for cooking, budgeting and medical appointments.
  • Emergency care - The carer provides immediate support when a person needs it due to a family or personal crisis.
  • Daytime support - We occasionally recruit carers for daytime support where the carer provides support for a few hours a day.

Adele's Story

To find out more about what it's like to get Shared Lives support read Adele's story. Adele lives with a Shared Lives carer, Margaret, through a long term placement.

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