Shared Lives
Shared Lives

Meet our carers

Read the stories of some of the people who have used our Shared Lives service.

These stories show the benefits to our Shared Lives carers and to the person who needed support. Find out how you could make a difference to someone's life.

Gill and Peter

Gill and her partner Peter have been Shared Lives carers for 15 years. They have supported Adrian and Angela for six years.

Terri, Cindy and Dougie

Terri and Cindy are sisters who live next door to each other. Dougie lives long term with Terri, and Cindy offers respite care.

Pauline and Stuart

Pauline and her husband Stuart have been Shared Lives carers for over ten years. They currently support Claire and Sarah who live with them as long term placements.

Margaret and Adele

Adele is a 37-year-old woman with a mild learning disability. Her social worker referred her to Shared Lives because she could not live independently.


John is a Shared Lives carer and he offers respite care and some day support.

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Living as a family

Hear from Gill and Pete who are Shared Lives carers in Lancashire

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