LEADER Rural Development Fund
LEADER Rural Development Fund

A project to improve the overall performance and sustainability of an agricultural holding

Who can apply?

Farmers or groups of farmers

Is there a limit?

There is no maximum grant amount as such but the total project pot is limited.  The maximum grant rate is 40%.

What is eligible?

Applications for grants could include:

  • Equipment and machinery to improve the efficiency of the use of energy, water, fertilizer and other direct inputs (for example, precision farming or new technologies)
  • Equipment and machinery to reduce impacts on soils (like specialist drills to enable low or zero tillage farming) and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Investment to improve facilities for slurry / manure management
  • Investment to modernise or mechanise production and increase productivity

Costs could include:

  • The costs of construction, acquisition or improvements to immovable property
  • The purchase, hire purchase or lease purchase of new machinery and equipment (including second hand equipment)
  • General costs such as architect, engineer and consultation fees (limited to 15% of the projects total eligible costs)
  • Intangible investments including, acquisition or development of computer software
  • Acquisition of patents, licenses, copyrights, trademarks

Costs which can't be claimed

A full list of ineligible costs can be found in the applicant handbook on the how to apply page