LEADER Rural Development Fund
LEADER Rural Development Fund

Processing, marketing and / or development of agricultural products

Who can apply?

Farmers, landowners or processing businesses

Is there a limit?

If the project involves processing, the amount of the grant depends on whether the end product is listed as an 'Annex 1' product or not as listed in the Treaty on Functioning of the European Union.  The majority of raw materials must be Annex 1 products.

See the full list of Annex 1 products.

What is eligible?

Applications for grants could include:

  • Investment in equipment, technologies or processes to reduce waste
  • Investments in equipment, technologies or processes to develop new or higher quality products
  • Marketing activity, excluding hard copy material, associated with the above investments
  • Construction / conversion of buildings to be used for processing activities

Costs could include:

  • The costs of construction, acquisition (including leasing) or improvements to immovable property
  • The purchase or lease-purchase of new machinery and equipment
  • General costs such as architect, engineer and consultation fees
  • Intangible investments including acquisition or development of computer software
  • Acquisition of patents, licenses, copyrights and trademarks

A full list of ineligible costs can be found in the applicant handbook on the how to apply page