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The Lancashire Leader funding is fully allocated in Lancashire West and should shortly be fully allocated in Lancashire North, Bowland and Lancashire Pennine Moors. We are still able to accept Expressions of Interest but we will be unable to progress these applications further unless additional resources become available.

If you complete an Expression of Interest form it will enable us to demonstrate that there is still a demand for Leader funding, which may lead to additional funding at a later date.

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The LEADER scheme is part of the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) and is partly funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).  

The aim of LEADER is to create jobs and help businesses grow, which will then benefit the rural economy. LEADER is a French acronym, which roughly translates as 'Liaison among Actors in Rural Economic Development'.

Take a look at the LEADER fact sheet (PDF 4.46 MB).

Local Action Groups

The funding is distributed via three Local Action Groups (LAGs)

  1. Lancashire North and Bowland
  2. Lancashire West
  3. Lancashire Pennine Moors

Each LAG has an Annual Delivery Plan, which details the activity it will undertake during that period. 

The current Annual Delivery Plans takes us into March 2017. Revised Delivery Plans will be available from April 2017. 

Local development strategy

In 2014 we undertook a series of consultation events to identify the priorities in each of the three LAG areas. The information was then used to prepare a Local Development Strategy (LDS) for the three LAG areas which formed the basis of an application for funding to Defra.

The LDS was submitted to Defra in September 2014 and in March 2015 we received formal approval of the funding. The amount awarded to the LAG was less than the amount applied for.

The Local Development Strategies form the basis for delivery of the LEADER funding in Lancashire. Each LAG area has different characteristics, therefore, the calls for projects for each theme may differ slightly depending upon the geographical area you are in.  Therefore please ensure you read through the handbook appropriate to the LAG area within which you are based. 

The allocations for each LAG area are as follows:

Lancashire North and Bowland £1,281,165 
Lancashire West £1,340,205
Lancashire Pennine Moors £1,172,269

Please be aware that these allocations may fluctuate through the lifetime of the programme as the funding was awarded in Euros.

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