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Dementia campaign


There are currently over 10,000 people in Lancashire who have been diagnosed with dementia, but it is estimated that the actual figure of people with the condition could be much higher. This means that thousands of people who could have dementia aren't accessing treatments and support to help them live well with the condition.

This campaign aims to increase the number of people with dementia who are diagnosed and get the right treatments and support at an early stage.

The target audience is 55-75 year olds and the campaign will focus on encouraging them, through their friends and family members to tackle memory problems.

The campaign will direct people to where they will find information and videos designed to help people:

  • identify worrying symptoms
  • find out more about the diagnosis process
  • start a conversation to encourage someone to visit their GP

We anticipate the campaign will increase awareness and knowledge of the signs of dementia, the help that is available and the benefits of earlier diagnosis for the patient and family.

The campaign has been developed by the county council and is supported by the Alzheimer's Society.

Support the campaign

If you are a health professional or partner organisation, please support our campaign however you can, for example by displaying our posters or sharing our messages on your social media channels.

Please download and use the campaign resources provided below:

Briefing note

An overview of the campaign for health professionals and partner organisations.

Print Resources

Social media

From Monday 14 March 2016, help us spread the word about our memory loss and behaviour change campaign on your online channels:

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Plasma screen advert

If you need any further information about this campaign then please email

Campaign posters

Dementia poster image.jpg

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Download our campaign poster 
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