Covid-19 – Paid Carers and Volunteers - Training Resources - Older People's Service

Welcome and thank you for registering to be a paid carer/volunteer for Lancashire County Council, Older People's Service.  Before commencing within your role you will need to undertake some training to ensure you are equipped with the essential knowledge and skills to be able to undertake the tasks required. The 7 key topics that are mandatory elements of the training programme are listed below. Please click on the individual topic link which will direct you to each piece of learning. Please note: all workbook resources are for guidance and knowledge only - you are not expected to answer the questions within the workbooks at this time. 


Essential Training:

  • Safeguarding Adult Level 1 – Register at meLearning 2 hours 30 mins 
  • Infection Control – See workbook Approx 2 hour
  • A day in the life – an overview of what the role of a care assistant entails – word doc 10 mins
  • Covid-19 Safeguarding for volunteers/paid carers (7 minute briefing) – see pdf. doc
  • Fire safety within the home - see PowerPoint Approx 1 hour
  • Mental Capacity Act – video - 18 minutes
  • Personal Protective Equipment – a guide for care homes – video - 7 minutes

You will need to keep a record of all training you have completed –your individual training record (see link below) will enable you to do this.  Please ensure you sign and date each session as you complete it. You can continue to update your individual training record as you complete further training as your manager/supervisor may ask to see this as proof of learning.

'Individual training record'

Thank You 

There are also a number of supplementary training resources that you may find helpful once you have commenced in your role – your manager will advise on additional training where appropriate.

Care Act – Introduction and Overview Register at meLearning Approx 1 hour 30 mins

Diet and Nutrition - See workbook Approx 2 hours

Health and Safety E Cert - See workbook Approx 2 hours 30 mins

Promoting Dignity and Compassion in Care - See workbook Approx 2 hours 

Dementia awareness training - to register go to the SCIE website Approx 40 – 50 mins

10 top tips for communicating with people who live with dementia – see word doc Approx 5 mins

Basic Food Hygiene – See workbook Approx 2 hours

Record Keeping Manuals - See workbook Approx 2 hours

One page Profile - See word doc Approx 20 mins

Person Centred Approaches - See word doc Approx 20 mins

Basic First Aid online – Contact us for enrolling on course: Approx 1 hour

Moving and Assisting Individuals - Contact us for enrolling on course: Approx 1 hour

Safety with Medication - Contact us for enrolling on course: Approx 1 hour

Safeguarding Adults - See workbook Approx  2 hour

Safe Eating and Drinking - Contact us for enrolling on course: Approx 1 hour

Children's Safeguarding Level 1 E-Learning - register at Approx 1hour 30 mins

Complete guide to DYSPHAGIA - See workbook Approx 2 hour

End of Life care Overview - see word.doc Approx 15 mins

Mental Capacity Act – e-learning - Register at meLearning 1 hour 45 mins

COVID-19: how to work safely in care homes - government guidance

COVID-19: how to work safely in domiciliary care - government guidance