Lancashire Community Foundation Covid19 Community Response Fund

As a result of the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak, particularly for those most vulnerable people within our communities, the Community Foundation for Lancashire has launched the Lancashire COVID-19 Community Support Fund for community and voluntary organisations on the frontline. Working with the UK Community Foundation (UKCF), the National Emergencies Trust (NET) and the Lancashire Resilience Forum (LRF), we now have funds available to offer up our first round of support.

Phase 1- Funding will be initially awarded under the following priorities:

  • Foodbanks
  • Food/care package delivery to vulnerable people self-isolating
  • Delivery of services and projects supporting the most vulnerable, such as older people e.g. a telephone support/friendship service or delivering online activities to help reduce isolation
  • Emotional and mental health wellbeing, including domestic abuse
  • Financial Inclusion, support to access benefits and debt advice

Who can apply?

Voluntary, community and faith organisations, registered charities, social businesses, churches, PTAs and parish/town councils. We also welcome applications from newly established groups though please note the requirements below on documentation required.

How much is available?

Grants of up to £5,000 will be available initially. This may change in further phases of the fund. If you receive a grant, we can accept subsequent applications to further phases of the fund or when additional funding is received though please note we will have to take into account previous grants to ensure we are able to support as many community organisations as possible.

Please see for further details and information on how to apply.

The following video provides a short overview of the application process and some of the questions you will need to complete: