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Please note: this information is in the process of being updated in light of recent updates/developments. Please refer to the recent provider webinar slides for further info at this stage.

Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund

Tranche 1

The initial IPC Grant arrangements and spending period came to an end on 30 September 2020.

The county council's allocation in the first ICF tranche was £16,197,303, of which £12,619,000 was allocated to care home (75%).

The remaining 25% was allocated to domiciliary care, supported living, day services, etc.

Tranche 2

The government’s Winter Plan announcement confirmed that new IPC Grant arrangements have been established to take providers through until 31 March 2021.

  • Lancashire will be receiving £14,883,462 in total
  • 80% of each instalment must be shared on a ‘per bed/per user’ basis to domiciliary care, extra care and supported living providers, as well as care homes
  • £8,509,183 of this amount is for allocation to care homes
  • £3,397,587 of this amount is for allocation to community care providers
  • The other 20% (discretionary funding) - £2,976,692- will be used to support the full range of social care providers regardless of whether the local authority already commissions care from them;
  • If care homes have unoccupied beds we can add their unallocated monies to the 20% discretionary pot, we can do the same if providers hand back their allocation;
  • We can use the 20% discretionary element to fund/buy PPE.
Tranche  Total allocation amount Allocation to care homes Number of registered care home beds Allocation per care home bed Allocation to community care providers Allocation for other care settings and IPC measures Number of community care users
Tranche 1 £16,197,303 £12,147,977 12,619 £ 962.67 £4,049,326 N/A
Tranche 2 £14,883,462 £8,509,183 12,835 £662.97 £3,397,587 £2,976,692 10,111
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