Putting people at the heart – our bold new vision for adult services

Friday, September 10, 2021

An ambitious vision for the future of adult social care in Lancashire which puts people at the heart of every decision has been unveiled.

It sets out a bold plan to give older people and adults with mental health needs, autism, or a learning or physical disability, the support they need to remain safe, well and independent in their own homes for as long as possible.

County Councillor Graham Gooch, cabinet member for adult social care, said: "At the heart of our vision is a desire to see everyone in Lancashire reach their full potential, by making sure that people get the support they need when they need it, where they need it.

"We've listened to those people who use our services to make sure our focus remains on services that are integrated, innovative, responsive, and more able to plan for and meet future challenges.

"We're passionate, ambitious and determined to make a difference to the lives of the adults in Lancashire that we support."

The new vision 'Care, Support and Wellbeing of Adults in Lancashire' is clear and simple.

It is to:

• Enable people to live as independently and healthily as possible, with the right level of care for the right amount of time and support for themselves and their carers;
• Ensure people in Lancashire are safe, secure and connected to their local community;
• Maximise people's potential, by helping them remain healthy and feeling well;
• Help people to live as independently as possible in their own home, or close to home, with appropriate care and support if needed;
• Reassure people that our response, plans and the money we spend, are reasonable and proportionate.

It is backed up with a detailed strategy which includes proposals to transform how our front line staff work so they are able to spend more time with the people who they are supporting either in their own home, or in the community, rather than spending time on administration.

In addition to supporting older people, the care provided is also about helping to support adults, whatever their age, who have a disability, or are vulnerable. The service aims to help adults retain or to regain as much independence as possible, and work with them to identify what is important to them, and their goals in life.

Micky receives support in his own home from Lancashire County Council's adult care service, and praises the value of it, and how it has helped to transform his life. Micky said: "I have developed a fantastic relationship with my social worker, Nigel. Nigel and the support workers have helped me to develop a clear plan with how I can move my life forward positively. I was in a dark place, and now I have a structure. They have given me a fresh start.

"I'm keen to make a career for myself, and I'm now able to take steps towards that. I'd like to speak publicly to people about my life so far. Nigel sorted a laptop out for me, and now, usually once a month, I talk to newly qualified social workers about what has happened to me in my life, the decisions that I made, and my disability. I hope that this role can develop more.

"I've also been helped to come to terms and accept my disability. I've been helped to cope with becoming disabled, to have a better understanding of life, and how to live life with a disability.

"Lancashire County Council also set me up with New Focus, who provide specialist help to people to rehabilitate them back in to their community. People take me out to do activities every day, and support me. I really look forward to this. I find it very therapeutic, and keeps me positive. This actually means the world to me, and makes a massive difference in my life.

"I now describe myself as being like a flower growing. I'm coping with life and my disability now. I'm trying to have a career, and I'm definitely a better role model to my children now.

"All in all, the support that I have received from the county council has been amazing. It has been life-changing to me."

Prevention, early intervention, and independence are key to making a real difference to those who are helped, alongside a commitment to embrace new technology further and strengthen links with partner agencies.

Embedded in the updated approach is the county council's commitment to being flexible, and listening to the views of people, providers, and partners. Care and support will be provided close to, or within people's homes and communities, wherever this is possible. Carers and their families will also be supported, in recognition of how the significant contribution they make is valued.

You can take a look at the vision document under the adult social care section of our strategies, policies, and plans page www.lancashire.gov.uk/council/strategies-policies-plans/

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