Campaign to boost the income of older people in Hyndburn

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

There's still time for older Hyndburn residents to ensure that they are claiming the benefits that they are entitled to.

Older people are being encouraged to take part in the benefit take-up campaign, which is running until Wednesday 30 June.

The campaign is organised by Lancashire County Council's Welfare Rights Service in partnership with Hyndburn Borough Council.

Hyndburn Borough Council has already contacted 1,465 over-75s in their area who were receiving either Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support. A letter was sent out by the borough council to invite them to apply for a free and confidential benefits check that would be completed by Lancashire County Council's Welfare Rights Service. 281 requests have been received so far, resulting in an annual cash gain for those claimants of £202,102.16. An additional £18,957.19 has also been received from back pay.

County Councillor Shaun Turner, Lancashire County Council's cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: "This is great news for some of our older and vulnerable residents in Hyndburn.

"They have received a welcome boost to their incomes. In reality the people that we have been able to help so far are better off by an average of £86 each week.

"Staff told me of one household they dealt with where the residents weren't claiming the benefits they were entitled to, and who were just trying to manage on their basic pensions. We actually got them an extra £364 per week in benefits, which will clearly make a big difference to them.

"As well as the hardworking staff of our Welfare Rights Service, I'd also like to thank staff at Hyndburn Borough Council for their help in making this campaign such a success for the benefit of some of our older residents. It’s nice to see both councils working successfully together to help our community.

"The Welfare Rights Service has been running various benefit take-up campaigns very successfully for many years now. I would urge pensioners to get in touch and ask for a free and confidential benefits check as soon as possible.

"As we have seen with this campaign and with others, the extra money really could make all the difference. We hope that more people come forward to claim the benefits that they are entitled to have. There's still time to take part in this campaign, that could make such a big difference to people's incomes."

Councillor Joyce Plummer, Hyndburn Borough Council cabinet member with responsibility for revenues and benefits, said: “It is important that all people claim the benefits they are entitled to. I am glad that Hyndburn Borough Council was able to be part of this and that so many people have already benefitted from this good work. I hope that more older people come forward and benefit from this campaign, as there's still time.

“I would also urge pensioners to get in contact with the Welfare Rights Service and have their free confidential benefits check as they could be a lot better off. We may be able to help more people yet.”

Anyone over pension age who would like a free and confidential benefit check can phone the Welfare Rights Pensioners Advice Line on 01772 533321 or email

More information is available about benefits available to older people at


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