Next phase of transport plan will invest more in local roads

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

County councillors have given the green light for the next phase of investment in a transport plan which is seeing a sustained improvement in the state of the county's main roads.

The aim of Lancashire County Council's Transport Asset Management Plan (TAMP) is to improve the overall condition of infrastructure such as roads, bridges and streetlights by using survey data to target repairs at the right time, before more expensive and time-consuming work is needed.

The approach, which can be summed up as 'prevention is better than cure', is recommended by the Department for Transport to help councils get the most out of every pound they spend on maintenance.

Surveys using a nationally recognised method of scanning road surfaces to assess their condition have shown that Lancashire's A, B and C roads have gradually improved over the first five years of the 15-year plan.

The second phase will see more money being invested in improving 'unclassified' residential roads, while still spending enough on the main roads, and other infrastructure, to maintain them in their current condition.

A report to the council's cabinet on Thursday 3 December also outlined plans for more refined methods of monitoring bridges, streetlights and traffic signals to produce a clearer picture of their condition, and ensure investment is targeted where it is most needed.

Lancashire County Council is among the top tier of councils which receive their full share of funding from the Department for Transport by being able to show that they are providing good value for money with a 'preventative' rather than 'worst first' approach to maintaining transport infrastructure.

County Councillor Keith Iddon, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: "The impact of Lancashire's cold and wet climate on our roads means it will always be a challenge to keep them in good repair, however I'm very pleased that consistent investment in preventative treatments has brought our main roads into better condition.

"The first five years of the Transport Asset Management Plan has shown that the approach of 'prevention is better than cure' provides better results than always repairing the worst damage first, and it's clear that we're on the right track.

"The revised plan also recognises everything our highways team has learned over the past five years, and outlines a number of changes to our planned levels of investment, and improvements to the way we collect data and monitor the condition of our infrastructure.

"We'll be shifting our focus towards improving residential roads over the next five years. I know that this is a high priority for people, and I'm grateful for their patience while we've prioritised the roads which are most important for daily travel and our economy, however I'm sure they'll start to notice the difference as we invest more in them over the coming years."

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