Call for local politicians to have more say over tier system

Friday, November 27, 2020

The leader of Lancashire County Council has called for local politicians to have more say in the decision making process behind the Government's Covid-19 tier system.

Councillor Geoff Driver CBE said he was extremely disappointed that the whole of Lancashire will be placed in Tier 3 restrictions when the current lockdown expires on Wednesday.
Alongside leaders from other councils in Lancashire he had proposed that the county be divided into two different tiers to reflect the areas different coronavirus rates.
This would have meant Fylde, Wyre, Lancaster, Chorley, South Ribble, Ribble Valley and West Lancashire going into the lower Tier 2 restrictions.
The rate of Coronavirus cases is currently reducing right across the county, but there is a wide gap between the highest and lowest rates.
Cllr Driver said: "It is always a balance between protecting lives and protecting livelihoods, and getting that balance right will always be difficult.
"We know there are still serious pressures on the hospitals and we really want to see that number come down.
"We also know rates have come down significantly since the time when we were placed in the original Tier 3, three weeks before this lockdown began and in the west and north of the county this is particularly pronounced.
"I am naturally disappointed by the decision to put the whole county into the same tier, and we will be speaking to the Government about what the measures will be for coming out of Tier 3.
"I also think it is important that local leaders have more input on these decisions as we know our areas best.
"I shall also be stressing that more support should be available to people who test positive so that they can afford to self isolate.
"I would ask that everyone in Lancashire continues to work together and follows the rules to drive the infection rate down even further to strengthen our argument that restrictions should be eased.
"And I would also like to thank everyone for their sacrifices throughout this difficult and unprecedented time."

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