Garstang recycling centre will reopen this week

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Garstang Community Recycling and Re-use Centre (CRRC) is due to reopen on Fridays only to meet demand for recycling of extra waste.

From Friday 25 September, residents will again be able to visit the facility with recyclable items and garden waste, but the reuse shop will stay closed for now.

People will be able to visit in their car without first booking an appointment, however anyone who wants to use a van or a trailer to carry their waste must book an appointment before visiting.

Appointments for van and trailer users will be available on the county council's website for the following Friday on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Visits for vans and trailers will be limited to one per month.

The Garstang CRRC operates in a different way to Lancashire's other recycling centres, with a focus on reuse. It accepts many types of recycling, but does not accept general household waste. Until the reuse shop reopens, people are asked not to bring items donated for re-use. The centre closed in March due to staffing issues related to the coronavirus.

County Councillor Albert Atkinson, cabinet member for technical services, rural affairs and waste management, said: "I'm glad that we're now able to reopen the Garstang Community Recycling and Re-use Centre on one day a week to provide people in this area with an opportunity to recycle their extra waste nearby.

"We've introduced new ways of working at all our recycling centres due to the coronavirus, and it's therefore vital that everyone takes the time to check them before they visit.

"One thing in particular I'd like to remind everyone of is that you must be able to lift and dispose of the waste yourself or with someone accompanying you to the centre. Our staff will not be able to help you with large or bulky items due to social distancing.

"It's also vital that you book an appointment if you want to use a van or a trailer. The reason for this is that these vehicles can carry a lot more waste, which takes longer to deal with, and we need to spread visits throughout the day to ensure we can manage them.

"As we're particularly seeing at the moment, the virus has not gone away, and we all need to play our part in preventing it from spreading. A condition of visiting is that people observe the current restrictions on visiting our recycling centres and respect our staff, as we have a duty to protect them and will not tolerate any abuse or aggression towards them."

Check which items are accepted at the Garstang CRRC, with links to book an appointment if you're using a van or a trailer. Check other restrictions around recycling centres.

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