Cabinet agrees Individual Service Fund consultation

Friday, March 13, 2020

A consultation is due to take place on a new process for Individual Service Funds, which are a way of managing people's social care budgets.

Cabinet agreed the consultation at its meeting on Thursday 12 March. People who use Individual Service Funds, their families, providers and members of the public, will now have the opportunity to share their views.

Individual Service Funds are a way for adults to manage their care budget to meet their changing needs in line with their social care plan.

They are managed by approved care providers on behalf of people who use the social care services.

Policies that determine how the funds are managed were put in place in 2009 and now need updating.

The county council has been working closely with people receiving support through the funds, their families, providers, and the public to produce the proposed new policy, which will now go out to consultation.

County Councillor Graham Gooch, cabinet member for adult services, said: "Individual Service Funds are another way for people to tailor care to meet their own specific needs using their personal social care budget.

"The main difference between Personal Service Funds and other ways of managing care budgets, such as Direct Payments, is that the fund is managed by a provider on behalf of someone receiving the care support. This makes them ideal for anyone who cannot plan their budget themselves or does not have anyone to help them with this.

"However, the policy, which sets out how providers work with the county council and people receiving support, now needs updating.

"The proposed improvements would put a better framework in place so the system would work more effectively and the funds could be monitored more easily.

"We look forward to considering people's views from the consultation before making a decision about the new policy."

Details of when the consultation will take place will be provided over the next few weeks.

For more information, visit our cabinet page.

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