Remember you can recycle more plastic this Christmas

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

People are being urged to make the most of changes to waste collections which could help Lancashire to recycle more than ever this Christmas.

From October 2019 residents of Lancashire and Blackpool have been able to put clean plastic pots, tubs and trays in their recycling bins, along with the plastic bottles for liquids which were already being collected.

It means that many more items, including the large plastic tubs containing assorted sweets which are popular at Christmas, can now be recycled.

Yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, and meat, fruit and vegetable trays of any shape or colour can also now be recycled at the doorstep. An easy way to check if a plastic item can be recycled is to look for a 1, 2 or 5 recycling triangle on the item.

Anyone who is having a Christmas clean-up around their home is also being asked to think before throwing anything away and ensure good quality items have the chance to be reused by taking them to a charity shop or handing them to a member of staff at their local recycling centre.

County Councillor Albert Atkinson, Lancashire County Council cabinet member with responsibility for waste management, said: "I'd ask everyone to help reduce the amount of waste we generate this Christmas, and to take that little bit of time needed to make sure they put everything that can be recycled in the right bin.

"Now that we're processing more types of plastic we don't want to miss the opportunity to ensure as many items as possible are recycled. Recyclable materials are easier to process when they're clean so I'd also ask people to give food containers a quick rinse.

"I'd also ask people to make the extra effort to save any good quality items which could be reused. There's a good market for second-hand items and it's better for people and the environment if we retain the value of products and materials by reusing them rather than throwing them away."

Find more about which items to put in which bin, and opening times for recycling centres.

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