Cabinet agrees changes to residents' parking permits

Friday, September 06, 2019

Lancashire County Council's cabinet has agreed changes to residents' parking schemes to make them work fairly and consistently across the county.

It means there will be a standard price of £25 for annual permits, along with changes to the types of permits available in some areas.

The cost of a permit and types of permit available previously varied as the schemes were established by different district councils. The county council took over their administration in 2018 and has reviewed the way they work with the aim of making them operate more fairly, consistently, and efficiently.

In May the council carried out a consultation, writing to over 9,000 residents who are eligible for residents parking permits about proposals to change the terms of the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), which makes them legally enforceable.

A report to the council's cabinet outlined and addressed various comments and concerns raised during the consultation, and recommended that the new scheme be approved.

The decision means no change for many current permit holders as a number of the schemes in place already have a £25 charge for a permit. It will mean a price drop for some permit holders in Lancaster, Preston and South Ribble. Only permits in Chorley and Pendle previously cost less.

The new scheme will also replace the scratch card visitor permits which means that, where the individual scheme allows, people can buy permits which can be used for a full year. These permits will be charged at the standard £25 administration fee which applies to all other resident parking permits.

All visitors' permits will be registered to an address, making them easier to administer and enforce, and potentially improving opportunities for residents to park. Residents with visitor permits can offer them to anyone who needs to park nearby while visiting them.
To support environmental challenges there will be no charge for permits for vehicles that are powered solely by an electric battery.

County Councillor Keith Iddon, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: "These changes to residents' parking schemes aim to make them operate fairly and consistently across the county.

"Previously the schemes have differed between districts, but now they're being administered on a Lancashire-wide basis it makes sense to operate them along the same lines.

"In many areas it will mean little or no change to the way the schemes currently operate, and in other places this amounts to simplifying the previous arrangements, which I hope will also make them work better for residents."

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