Changes to Lancashire's children and family wellbeing service

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Changes to the way Lancashire's Children and Family Wellbeing Services are delivered were approved by the county council's cabinet today (Thursday 11 April).

Cabinet considered proposals relating to 14 buildings which are currently used to deliver the service.

The service will continue to be provided from:

• Bradley Children and Family Wellbeing Services, The Zone, Pendle.
• Preston Central Neighbourhood Centre, Riverbank Children's Centre, Preston.
• Clitheroe Family and Wellbeing Services, The Zone, Ribble Valley.
• The Chai Centre, Burnley.
• Whitegate Children and Family Wellbeing Services, Whitegate Children's Centre, Padiham.
• Longridge Young People's Centre, Ribble Valley (subject to further discussion with the building owners).
• Willow's Park Children's Centre, Longridge, Ribble Valley (subject to further discussion with building owners).

In addition, the Children and Family Wellbeing Service will now be delivered from Whitworth Library.

The service will no longer be delivered from the following buildings:

• Marsden Children and Family Wellbeing Services, Walton Lane Children's Centre, Pendle.
• Ashton Children and Family Wellbeing Services, Ashton Young People's Centre, Preston.
• Ribblesdale Children and Family Wellbeing Service, Ribblesdale Children's Centre Ribble Valley.
• Stoneyholme and Daneshouse Children and Family Wellbeing Services, Stoneyholme and Daneshouse Young People's Centre, Burnley.
• Padiham Young People's Centre.
• Whitworth Young People's Centre, Rossendale.
• Whitworth Children and Family Wellbeing Services, Whitworth Children's Centre, Rossendale.

The changes reflect the need to deliver services in the community in a more flexible way, after research and analysis showed people were using buildings to access help and support less often.

The service supports children, young people, parents and families, and prioritises those most in need. It helps them to stay fit and well, and ensure they are less likely to need social care support.

It does this by targeting families where early help will make the biggest difference.

The changes follow a county-wide consultation last summer and a further consultation focusing on the centres in Burnley and Rossendale, which took place earlier this year.

Edwina Grant OBE, executive director for education and children's services, said: "Our priority remains to provide the very best service we can to the people in Lancashire in most need of our support.

"After careful consideration and analysis of the results from the consultations, the cabinet has made a decision that will ensure that we can continue to provide the service to the people in our community that need it most.

"The way that people access the service is changing, so we're focusing more on connecting with people at the heart of the community through one-to-one sessions with family workers in their homes, through community venues such as cafes and village halls, and even working with young people on the streets.

"The work we do to support people isn't changing and we're not reducing the number of front-line workers that provide this valued service. However, by delivering the service from fewer venues we can make much-needed savings while still providing support to people who need it most."

For more information about this cabinet decision, search for agenda item 13 on our cabinet page

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