The new Dinckley footbridge has arrived

Friday, September 07, 2018

The new Dinckley footbridge is being lifted into place over the coming days.

The bridge, which carries a footpath across the River Ribble near Hurst Green, has been closed since being damaged by flooding during storm Desmond in December 2015, leaving walkers with a 7km round trip to cross the river in a popular countryside area.

Work began in July to construct the new bridge in what is a remote location with no road access, with the old bridge being removed during August.

The new bridge is made up of 4 sections, 2 forming the 46m main span, and 2 side spans at either end, each 18m long.

A huge mobile crane capable of lifting objects to a height of over 150m is now in place, and work is due to take place from Saturday 8 September to Tuesday 11 September to lift the new bridge sections into place.

Lancashire County Council unveiled a plan in March 2017 to replace the bridge and raise its height to mitigate against future flood damage, using £1.5m in funds received from the Department for Transport.

The replacement bridge is a lightweight curved steel truss, with the width increased to 2m to provide more passing space for walkers. There will be steps on the north bank and a ramp at the south to allow for the additional clearance below the bridge, which will be supported by stone-faced abutments.

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