Remember to get your child's new Education Travelpass

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Lancashire parents are being reminded to start thinking about school travel arrangements for the next academic year.

The transport entitlement for all pupils who are starting secondary school is assessed by the county council, and any parent who has received a letter and an application form about transport for pupils beginning Year 7 in September 2018 should return their completed application as soon as possible.

As soon as the completed form is received, Lancashire County Council will try to issue a new pass in time for the start of the new school term.

Any parent who thinks their child may now be entitled to receive help with travel costs since submitting their secondary school application, due to a change in circumstances, should contact the School Transport Line on 0300 123 6738.

Any sixth form pupil who has previously travelled on a school bus contracted by the county council may be able to continue to do this, as long as there are seats available, by purchasing a travel season ticket.

Primary school pupils in years 1 to 6 and secondary school students in years 8 to 11, who received help with transport last year and whose circumstances have not changed, will receive their passes in August.

The parents of children who use taxi transport provided by the county council to primary and secondary schools will be informed of any new transport arrangements by letter.

Transport costs on school buses funded by the county council are:

Journeys up to 3 miles
Single Fare £1.50, Return Fare £2.80, Annual Season Ticket £425

Journeys between 3 and 8 miles
Single Fare £2.10, Return Fare £3.90, Annual Season Ticket £592

Journeys over 8 miles
Single Fare £2.60, Return Fare £4.90, Annual Season Ticket £744

Parents are reminded to make sure that their children have sufficient money to cover the cost of the return journey from home to school.

More information is available at or by calling 0300 123 6738.


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