Greyhound Bridge repairs progressing well

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Repairs to Lancaster's Greyhound Bridge have progressed well since the recent news that it will reopen later than first scheduled.

The bridge is now expected to reopen in mid-September rather than the start of August.

Work to restore reinforced concrete sections has uncovered damage that was much worse than previous investigations had shown, and will therefore take longer to repair.

But since the problem was uncovered, the work to the concrete bridge 'joints' has been going well, with no further delays expected.

David Griffiths, senior bridge engineer, said: "The concrete deck is made of 19 sections, and at the end of each section is a break, known as a joint, which are needed to allow the bridge deck to move and take the strain of heavy traffic going over it.

"The deck is made of steel-reinforced concrete which has become corroded as water has leached into the concrete at the joint positions over time.

"We had planned to be able to make repairs to this steel reinforcement using part of the existing steel, but the level of corrosion is more than we had expected, so we're using all new steel instead, which is why it will take longer.

"The first part of the process involves demolishing the concrete using high-powered water jets to expose the steel work, before putting in new steel, and recasting the concrete.

"This is progressing well, with the work to remove the concrete now 75% complete, and the repairs to the joints 30% complete."

The work has been planned so that, once the most significant repairs are complete, the bridge is reopened with two traffic lanes open, while less disruptive work such as repainting is carried out. It is now expected that the bridge will reopen to two lanes of traffic in mid-September, and fully reopen in winter 2018.

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