Proposals to be considered for the future provision of a library service in Lytham

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Proposals about the options for a library service in Lytham will be considered by Lancashire County Council's cabinet on Thursday 14 June.

Cabinet has so far made decisions to reopen 12 libraries, and agreed to transfer the ownership of a further six libraries to local organisations which will operate them as independent community libraries. The county council is continuing to work towards reopening libraries in all of the areas where they were closed.

Lytham Library was one of the libraries about which the decision had been deferred to allow time for further consideration.

Lancashire County Council's cabinet, at its meeting in November last year, gave permission for an appraisal of possible options for a future library service in Lytham to be carried out. These options have now been explored at length, enabling recommendations to be made that take in to account future service delivery, and the costs and implications of the provision of a library in Lytham.

The three options that cabinet will consider are the future running of the library from the Assembly Rooms, the Lytham Institute or the Lancashire County Council offices on Hastings Place.

The Assembly Rooms are owned by Fylde Borough Council and operated by Lytham Town Trust.

Lytham Institute is also owned by Fylde Borough Council, with the county council having a user right to operate from the premises.

The library and registration service was previously delivered from Lytham Institute. The building has been assessed for its suitability for future service requirements as part of the detailed review that has taken place of the options.

County Councillor Aidy Riggott, Lancashire County Council's lead member for economic development and cultural services, said: "Libraries act as vital hubs at the heart of our communities, offering a place where communities can get together, as well as free access to books and information.

"We have committed to reopening libraries whether they're run by the county council or independently by community organisations.

"We are grateful for the Friends of Lytham Library and Institute and the Lytham Town Trust for submitting business cases. Officers have done a lot of work assessing the suitability of potential locations for the library, taking account of factors including accessibility, the needs of the community, costs and the services that need to be in place.

"I'm sure that everyone will have their own personal view, so the appraisal of the options for a library service in Lytham is a very useful and fair way of helping cabinet to identify the most appropriate long-term home for a library in the town."

Anyone who lives or works in Lancashire can join a Lancashire library, either online or by visiting in person. Membership is free and there are no age restrictions.

More information about Lancashire libraries is available at, or by calling 0300 123 6703.


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