Problem with traffic lights near Whalley could cause delays

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Lancashire County Council is alerting drivers to possible delays on Accrington Road near Whalley due to problems with a set of traffic signals.

A cable fault has developed on the lights at the junction of the A671 Accrington Road, the main road between Whalley and Padiham, and the B6246 Accrington Road which connects Whalley to the main road.

The traffic signals will have to be switched off and temporary lights put in place until repairs are completed.

Daniel Herbert, highways group manager for Lancashire County Council said: "We're sorry for the inconvenience to people's journeys due to the fault which has developed on these traffic lights.

"The fault has only developed today and our first priority is to set up the temporary lights to ensure the junction can function safely. We estimate that it will take at least a week to replace the faulty cables and will let people know more once we have investigated further.

"This is a very busy junction, and we'd advise people to find alternative routes if they can until the problem is fixed as delays will be unavoidable."

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