Older people in Preston get a benefits boost

Thursday, May 05, 2016

A benefit take-up campaign means that 133 people aged 75 and over in Preston, are better off by a total of nearly £413,000 a year.

The campaign was organised by Lancashire County Council's Welfare Rights Service in partnership with Dr. Wilson & Partners, based at the Healthcare Centre on Flintoff Way, Preston.

Records were used to identify over-75s registered with the practice. A letter was sent out inviting people to apply for a free and confidential benefits check.

Welfare rights officers helped households who were missing out on benefits to secure an average of an extra £100 per week each.

Joanne Barker, Welfare Rights Service manager, said: "Some older people in Preston have received a very welcome boost to their incomes.

"The 133 people we've been able to help so far are now receiving an extra £100 per week each, on average. We've been able to get an extra £380.82 each week for one person.

"As well as the hard-working staff of our Welfare Rights Service, I'd also like to thank the staff at Dr. Wilson & Partners for their help in making this campaign such a success.

"We've been running these campaigns for many years now. As we have seen with this particular campaign and others elsewhere, it really could make all the difference and make sure that people receive the money that they are entitled to."

Dianne Gardner, Lancashire County Council's public health partnerships manager, said: "This is a great example of the improvements to patients' health that can be gained by us and our GP practices working together.

"Problems in everyday life can damage physical and mental health, and there is clear evidence to show that tackling these underlying issues can take away strain and worry.

"Many people are unaware of what they are entitled to and this positive campaign enables people to boost their income leading to their improved wellbeing."

People wanting a free and confidential benefit check can phone the Welfare Rights Service on 0300 123 6739 or email infowrs@lancashire.gov.uk


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