Apocalyptic scenario confronts young people in this year's Dusk til Dawn challenge

Friday, July 4, 2014

POPULATION decimated, cities destroyed, descendants of the D2D2 survivors rule, new religions created out of the darkness, and the mystics returned.

Can the you see through the chaos, break the code, and uncover the hidden secrets of the MacDonald Files to rescue the world from the clutches of the Coven/Factions?

This is the unusual scenario that will confront young people from Lancashire in Dusk til Dawn 3, which will take place on the evening of 21st August through to the morning of the 22nd at the Anderton Centre in Chorley, making full use of the eerie surroundings within Rivington Park

Organised by Lancashire County Council's young people's service, Dusk til Dawn 3 will challenge 120 young people between the ages of 13 and 19 to find imaginative ways to survive and to contact the outside world.

By the following morning, the young people hope to have completed all of the tasks needed to survive, and gathered enough points to top the leader board.

The challenge will be ramped up by online challenges, cryptic clues, virals, pictures, songs, and stories about strange goings on through the Young People's Service Facebook site and webpage.

Set in 2064, this year's Dusk til Dawn builds on last year's challenge which followed the story of local reporter Hugh MacDonald in his quest to find the cure to the deadly D2D2 virus unleashed to the world causing multiple deaths and creating mutilated and zombified people. The Apocalypse is coming to the world and young people of Lancashire were tasked to rise to the challenge and find the antidote to save the world from its own destruction.

In 2013, the young people completed the challenges and found the antidote that they hoped would save them and the rest of the world, however this was not enough, strands of the D2D2 virus had already mutated causing an incurable disease that brought the world into chaos and awaked the Apocalypse.

Matthew Tomlinson, Lancashire County Council's cabinet member for children, schools and young people, said:

"This will be my second experience of Dusk til Dawn and if this year is anything like last year's, it will be amazing. This really has captured young people's imaginations and has become well-established in our calendar of events.

"Dusk til Dawn started in 2012 and was the idea of young people who took part in a consultation on what activities they'd like the YPS to organise during the summer. The curriculum team then turned the idea into an environment in which young people could totally immerse themselves. They created an atmosphere to go along with the challenge and design the programme so that young people could contribute to the overall story themselves.

"Although being great fun for young people, there are enormous educational benefits for the young people who take part. They gain invaluable experience of working together as part of a team and it's a great chance for them to use their communications skills.

CC Tomlinson added: "Dusk til Dawn has gone from strength to strength and now we have a really apocalyptic scenario for young people to contend with.

"I'm looking forward to supporting the Young People from my District, South Ribble, and I'll be encouraging County Councillors from around Lancashire to do the same."

To find out more about Dusk til Dawn, more information along with an introductory film are available on
YouTube Dusk til Dawn 2014 or last year’s film also can be view directly on YouTube Dusk til Dawn 2013.

Young people can find out more by calling 0800 51 11 11 or by texting 07786 511111. Information is also available on the Lancashire young people's service facebook page and on the Lancashire young people's service Twitter feed.

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