Dusk 'til Dawn Challenge 2 - will the young people survive the night?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

THE FINAL preparations are being made for Lancashire County Council's exciting overnight challenge for young people who sign up to this year's Dusk 'til Dawn adventure at the Anderton Outdoor Centre in Chorley.

Organised by Lancashire County Council's young people's service, the second Dusk 'til Dawn adventure will take place overnight next Monday, August 19. It will challenge 120 young people between the ages of 13 and 19 to find imaginative ways to survive and to contact the outside world.

By the following morning, the young people will have hopefully completed all of the tasks needed to survive, and gathered enough points to top the leader board.

The scenario the young people will have to contend with is even more challenging than last year's inaugural dusk till dawn adventure:

'At some point in August 2013, the first contact occurred. People spoke in hushed tones of a virus, or some sort of invasion. Many people became sick, others simply disappeared. The armed forces rounded up the sick, those left behind faced disaster through food and fuel shortages.

By the middle of August, the UK government declared Britain was in a state of emergency. The rest of the world declared the UK as a quarantined island. The rest of the world kept safe by the North Sea and the English Channel. Nothing came in, and crucially... nothing could leave.

The few survivors left behind face a battle for survival, and a struggle to get rescued...'

The challenge will be ramped up by online challenges, cryptic clues, virals, pictures, songs, and stories about strange goings on through the young people's service Facebook site and webpage.

During the course of the night, each team of young people will be set numerous challenges ranging from teamwork exercises to brain teasers, ferry crossings and geocaching, which is a modern-day treasure hunt.

County Councillor Matthew Tomlinson, Cabinet member for children, young people and schools, said:

"What an amazing adventure. The scenario is superb. I have no doubt the competition will spark the young people's imagination and that they will throw themselves into it with huge levels of enthusiasm.

"I would like to congratulate the staff in the young people's service who, once again, have come up with a fascinating mystery that will unravel in unexpected ways.

"I very much hope to be able to attend some of the evening and look forward to meeting the young people themselves."

More information on the Dusk 'til Dawn challenge, including the challenges and quizzes, is available online at www.yps.lancashire.gov.uk/dusk-til-dawn-challenge and www.facebook.com/LancashireYPS

This year's adventure builds on last year's highly successful Dusk 'til Dawn Challenge, which took place last August at Rivington Pike near Bolton. 120 young people took part. In line with the Cultural Olympiad, the challenges were based on the Olympics themes of 'faster', 'higher' and 'stronger'.

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