Spot On Stories

Lancashire Libraries and Spot On Lancashire have been working together to continue to bring great art and stories to you.

Spot On Stories are ten-minute micro shows filmed just for you by some of the fantastic artists that have, or should have, toured with Spot On. They aren’t full-length recordings of shows you might have already seen, and they aren’t trying to compete with the likes of NT Live or Killing Eve. These are bite-sized video moments, made for the people of Lancashire, so that for 10 minutes, wherever you are, you can lose yourself in a really good story.

Some will be for grown-ups, some will be for children. Some will be spoken, some will be sung. But all of them are made with love and a passion for telling you a story! From the artists home straight to yours!

Tuesday afternoons will be stories for children and families, and Thursdays will be something a little more grown-up. You can watch them all on the Spot On Lancashire YouTube channel

The Willow Widow

The old man took great pleasure in upsetting the women of the village. With his caustic tongue and belittling attitude, one by one each of his housekeepers left for better treatment and kinder employers. Until one night, when a knock at the door brought a stranger to his house and his bed.

Age suitability: Adults

Watch The Willow Widow from 7pm Thursday 18 June until Friday 17 July.

Written and performed by Cat Weatherill


Have you seen Trevor? Dive into the rockpool and join in with a fishy adventure with the creatures that live by the shore. Will Crab find his brother, will Starfish keep all her legs?

Join musician and storyteller, Helen Longworth for a colourful, comedic and musical adventure on a Morecambe beach like you’ve never seen before.

Age suitability: Families

Watch Rockpool from 3pm Tuesday 23 June until Wednesday 22 July.

Written and performed by Helen Longworth

Lancashire Lockdown Poem

When this isolation ends what will you do? Will you go back to your regular routine or will you take some of your new found lockdown learning with you? We tasked poet, comic and all round good egg, Rob Gee to take the aspirations of our audiences across Lancashire and create a Lancashire Lockdown poem… this is the result!

Age suitability: Adults

Watch Lancashire Lockdown Poem from 7pm on Thursday 25 June to Friday 24 July. 

Written and performed by Rob Gee with contributions from the people of Lancashire.

The Pomegranate Seed

A poor woman, a magical old pomegranate and a quest for empathy. This is an old travellers story, artfully told by Ian Douglas and illustrated with shadow puppetry by Joanna Douglas. Will the woman find a way to feed her children? Will the King get his magical pomegranate tree?

Age suitability: Children

Watch The Pomegranate Seed from 3pm Tuesday 30 June until Wednesday 29 July.

Told by Ian Douglas with shadow puppetry by Joanna Douglas

World in a Pillow

A tale from old Beijing of a life transformed. Lu, a traveller, learns a valuable lesson thanks to an old Taoist monk and a small ceramic pillow - ‘the old fashioned sort’. Sita Brand picked up this story from a trader in a Beijing market many years ago.

Age suitability: Adults

Watch World in a Pillow from 7pm Thursday 2 July until Friday 31 July.

Written and performed by Sita Brand

Horse + Bamboo’s Cardboard Zoo (Parts 1 & 2)

Hello there everyone. Gather round, for the Cardboard Zoo is coming to town! After returning from his globetrotting expedition to the oldest and coldest depths of Antarctica, Tom, the eccentric leader of the Cardboard Zoo, is ready to unveil his latest discovery.

Age suitability: Families 4+

Watch Cardboard Zoo part 1 from 3pm Tuesday 7 July until Wednesday 30 July.

Watch Cardboard Zoo part 2 from 3pm Wednesday 8 July until Thursday 31 July.

Written and performed by Thomas Daniel Byrne

A Clean Run

A Clean Run describes the elusive experience of going out for a run free from harassment, judgement or ridiculous encounters. Sophia explores the everyday female experience of non-elite women joggers, both positive and negative.

Age suitability: 12+

Watch A Clean Run from 7pm Thursday 9 July until Friday 7 August.

Written and performed by Sophia Hatfield. Directed by Bryn Holding

Guest Again

A spoilt boy called Julian is on holiday with his family in Blackpool. Little does he know that the Asphodel Meadows B&B is enchanted. The Landlady warns him to be careful but does he listen? Will it turn out to be the best family holiday ever? What does Blackpool have in store for him?

Age suitability: 8+

Watch Guest Again from 3pm Tuesday 14 July until Wednesday 6 August

Written and Performed by Black Liver (Ruth Cockburn and Keith Carter)

The Three Dolls

A King, a box of wooden dolls and a perplexing riddle. Everyone can see that they are ‘very beautiful’ but what secrets are they hiding? Join professional storyteller, Emily Hennessey as she artfully tells a tale of intrigue and wisdom. Who will help the King to solve the riddle of the three dolls?

Age suitability: Adults

Watch The Three Dolls from 7pm Thursday 16 July until Friday 7 August

Written and performed by Emily Hennessey